TVG Coin : New Cryptocurrencies for Charity and Without Having to Give Up Their secrecy

Tokenomics of TVG coin

TRON blockchain network e-commerce transactions using TRC20 based TVG coin. By allowing the TVG community to share revenue through staking and trading, TVG Coin increases its value. TRC20 eco-friendly features include faster transactions, lower fuel costs, multichain use, and other benefits.
ICO Crypto tokens will be created using the Tron and Bitcoin platforms. Token compatibility with third-party service wallets, exchanges, and the like is provided, as is easy-to-use integration. TVG Coin Products and Services can be paid for with TVG. Merchant and vendor bets and payments will be handled by TVG. There is a maximum of one hundred billion billion tokens in the TVG Token supply. Unsold tokens will be thrown into the fire. Unsold TVG tokens can be burned to remove them from the inventory, increasing the value of each token held by the token holder by removing it from the inventory. TVG intends to ensure that everyone on the planet has the same number of TVG coins when determining the total amount of 1 trillion coins. As a result of the current economic situation, TVG core team came up with a generous approach to help those struggling to make ends meet.



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