TVG Coin : New Cryptocurrencies for Charity and Without Having to Give Up Their secrecy

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Overview of TVG coin

Perhaps you are familiar with the expression “Bitcoin.” In the past, both its use and value as a kind of virtual currency have experienced rapid growth. However, are you familiar with cryptocurrencies that focus on charitable donations? The launch of the TVG Coin (TVG Coin) marketplace marks the beginning of the charitable sector of the cryptocurrency industry. This currency uses blockchain technology, which is a digital ledger system that allows users to avoid using banks to make fast and secure money donations. In this post, you will find out more about the mission of TVG Coin.
TVG Coin is the first cryptocurrency in world history that was developed for the purpose of assisting individuals in making charitable contributions without compromising their confidentiality. The coin uses a unique algorithm and is built on blockchain technology, both of which allow users to remain anonymous even while making donations. Currently, donations in TVG Coin can be made to various charitable organizations, including Save the Children, Red Cross, and UNICEF.

TVG Coin Mission
The TVG platform is pushed forward by proponents of TVG mission and kept alive by the financial contributions made by these individuals. As a result of increasing the number of people using TVG, the success rate will increase. TVG Coin needs everyone to get involved and help TVG move this project forward as well. Even though there are a lot of people working hard to make this project a success, the TVG coin needs everyone’s help.

TVG wants to make money recognized worldwide in 193 countries. With a complete stockpile of one trillion coins, TVG was regularly questioned regarding such a large inventory. With the total population increasing, we seek 1 trillion gold coins to ensure that every individual who is part of this rapidly expanding open world approaches it. What’s more, for every exchange and exchange with TVG, TVG has stored a certain amount of TVG coins to provide awesome missions. Consider how the world would be the best place for everyone if TVG Coin could add some friendly contacts to the large number of exchanges that occur consistently across the planet.

Tokenomics of TVG coin

TRON blockchain network e-commerce transactions using TRC20 based TVG coin. By allowing the TVG community to share revenue through staking and trading, TVG Coin increases its value. TRC20 eco-friendly features include faster transactions, lower fuel costs, multichain use, and other benefits.
ICO Crypto tokens will be created using the Tron and Bitcoin platforms. Token compatibility with third-party service wallets, exchanges, and the like is provided, as is easy-to-use integration. TVG Coin Products and Services can be paid for with TVG. Merchant and vendor bets and payments will be handled by TVG. There is a maximum of one hundred billion billion tokens in the TVG Token supply. Unsold tokens will be thrown into the fire. Unsold TVG tokens can be burned to remove them from the inventory, increasing the value of each token held by the token holder by removing it from the inventory. TVG intends to ensure that everyone on the planet has the same number of TVG coins when determining the total amount of 1 trillion coins. As a result of the current economic situation, TVG core team came up with a generous approach to help those struggling to make ends meet.

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Tokenomics And Total Suplay

Name: TVG Coin

Symbol: TVG

Total supply: 1 Trillion

Coin Platform network: TRC-20

Name of Coin: TVG: The Social Coin

Blockchain Network: TRON

Token Smart Contract: TWwMneXxSLMm8JnehW7vbK3KmK1EUkk3ZZ

TVG has agreed to donate 100 billion TVG coins to charitable organizations out of its total supply. One hundred and fifty thousand non-governmental groups around the world are targeted by TVG partnership program. TVG goals are supported by the fact that every investment in TVG generates a portion of the value of the donated coins.

People can donate without sacrificing their privacy thanks to the world’s first cryptocurrency dedicated to charitable causes. The blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin provides the foundation for this new form of cash, dubbed “TVG Coin”. Donacoin, on the other hand, is a completely anonymous cryptocurrency, allowing donors to remain completely anonymous if they so desire. They hope that this would make it easier for people to donate without fear of their personal information being compromised.

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