Revenue Coin is a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment concept that has never been attempted before.

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To raise the value of your Revenue Coin, you must choose wisely which companies you invest. This decision is based on the revenue potential of the projects under consideration after getting finance and access to the ecosystem for a period of many months. Profits from these transactions are critical to everyone in the Revenue Coin ecosystem because they help to establish the size of the demand that drives up the price of Revenue Coin. Investments made by Revenue Capital include the provision of capital to firms rather than the acquisition of stock. The investment project’s post-money value could rise tenfold as a result of this considerable growth in its value. The project must have a global impact in order to receive funding.. We are currently launching the Revenue Capital project with companies who have ready-made, unique technology, a growing client base, and can ensure technological assistance and development for other enterprises in the ecosystem.

Revenue Coin:
Revenue Coin is a BEP-20 token and an essential part of the Revenue Capital ecosystem, which distributes cash and ensures access to a shared consumer base for potential high-tech enterprises. The demand for RVC tokens grows as a result of Revenue Coin Tokenomics. It is the first coin to be issued on the Binance Smart Chain. To enable high-tech enterprises get the cash they require, this coin was created. However, Revenue Coin has been developed with stability in mind and has the potential to be a stable coin as well.
RevCoin is a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment concept that has never been attempted before. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first ever revenue-sharing token. For early investors and funders, this platform promises to be a game-changer. Ultimately, it is a model that returns to the general public and forward-thinking enterprises.
Revenue Coin (RVC) holders fund high-tech companies to scale. Startups receiving funding allocate up to 10% of revenues to the systematic purchase of RVC from the market, reducing supply and increasing value.

Tokenomics Mechanics and future value of Revenue Coin:
It is a Revenue token known as Revenue Coin (RVC). Accordingly, it implies that investing in the Revenue Capital natural framework entitles you to an allocation of salaries paid out by the Revenue Capital natural framework. By purchasing and burning through tokens, Revenue Capital, the underwriter of tokens, and you come to an agreement. When tokens are burned through (because of a decrease in supply) and purchased from exchanges, the RVC value will rise steadily and purposefully.
This token is called the Revenue Coin (RVC). As a result, if you hold Revenue Capital in your portfolio, you are entitled to a share of the company’s revenues. You and Revenue Capital, the company that issues tokens, settle transactions by purchasing and burning tokens. Burning (reducing the supply) and buying tokens from exchanges both help to raise the RVC’s value over time.

Growth factors:
Currently, Exeria and SkyRocket, i.e. companies from Revenue Capital, generate their revenues by providing solutions for investors to trade via API. These revenues depend on the volume of trading on the exchanges. The volume has steadily increased in recent years. The average daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies exceeded USD 200 billion in 2021! This is over a 200% increase over the last 2 years.

The community buys Revenue Coins: Blockchain technology allows to reduce costs and formalities related to the purchase of tokens. Transaction security is ensured by the RVC smart contract, which has been audited by external companies.

The capital goes to young companies: Projects earmarked for funding are selected by the community and Revenue Capital experts. Companies agree to transfer part of future revenue for the purchase and burning of Revenue Coins.

Companies grow and their revenues increase: By providing funding and know-how, companies’ revenues increases and part of them goes back to the Revenue Capital ecosystem. Currently, there are two profitable companies in the ecosystem: Exeria and SkyRocket.

Tokens purchases from the market: Revenues received from companies as part of the ecosystem are used for the systematic buyback and burning of tokens. This reduces their supply on the market while increasing their value, generating profits for Revenue Coin holders.

Benefits for RVC holders:
Exchangeability: Revenue Coin will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, guaranteeing its exchangeability with other currencies on these exchanges.

“Hidden” products: Only Revenue Coin holders will be able to access special offers of new products, unique configurations or the price offers of existing products.

Voting Rights: Revenue Coin holders have a say in making decisions as to which subsequent, prospective projects will receive funding from Revenue Capital.

Wrapped Token: Revenue Coin will be linked to ETH, which will allow to create an ETH-indexed token. This will increase their liquidity and capital efficiency.

Payment function: Revenue Coin will exist as an internal means of payment within the Revenue Capital ecosystem.

The buyback and burn aspect of the project promises to raise the price of the RVC token all by itself. As time passes the number of projects providing income to the Revenue Coin project will rise, while the total supply simultaneously deflates, creating the potential for insane profits as the months and years pass.

Name: Revenue Coin
Ticker: RVC
Decimals: 18
Max supply: 1,733,981,687
Contract address: 0xbcbdecf8e76a5c32dba69de16985882ace1678c6


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