Monopoly Millionaire is a sophisticated tool that combines financial and gaming elements.

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Welcome to the world of Monopoly Billionaire — the only game whose aim is to build a bank and make money online!
Imagine yourself in a Monopoly game. Where you have the opportunity to purchase any property you want at any location you want… and then to use those properties to create great income. That seems far-fetched, right? But this is exactly what’s happening with the Monopoly Millionaire game on the blockchain! Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is an Ethereum-based NFT protocol that combines the worlds of non-financial trading with gaming. Monopoly game box and token is a product that combines digital assets and circulation characteristics with blockchain technology. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, MMG will be establishing a decentralized investment bank, in order to convince global investors to invest in blockchain projects. All funds are transparent, and investors share in all profits.

About MMG
The Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) protocol was created to combine the worlds of Non-fungible tokens and gaming. MMG believe that by combining the circulation characteristics of digital assets, with blockchain technology, MMG can establish a decentralized investment bank through MMG. In doing so we hope to convince global investors to invest in blockchain. MMG put at the forefront of MMG priorities investor’s funds transparency and sharing all profits with them.
The advanced resource Monopoly Millionaire combines monetary and gaming elements. Blockchain backers get all the money generated by the system, and it’s completely decentralized. Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is an excellent monetary game box for NFT money and game creation. All tokens in this project will be created by NFT. All financial backers should purchase tokens on the open market in order to gain value.

Monopoly Millionaire is the ultimate life-changing game.
NFT finance and the game box are part of MMG.
This project’s goal is to create a capital-powered circular economic model. It is expected that in the future, this ecosystem will be governed by the people who live here. Votes will determine the direction of blockchain investment. The MMG ecosystem will be enhanced by the investment returns. The entire ecosystem’s finances are open to the public. The project party is only in charge of the money management and will charge fees for this service. Apart from the management fees, the project party makes no other money. To obtain equity, all investors must buy tokens in a public sale.

MMG is a new NFT project.
This digital asset token (MMG) follows the same rules as traditional tokens. Its intrinsic value is determined by scarcity and market supply and demand. What distinguishes MMG from other financial assets is its ability to be exchanged for traditional financial assets. MMG shareholders will receive dividends generated by investment returns.

Conceptually Speaking
MMG’s design philosophy is centered on transforming players into creators. Due to MMG’s metadata capability, players can contribute their creativity and imagination to the Metaverse’s creation process even if they are not programmers. As the primary vehicle for bringing Metaverse to life, Modernizing Park incorporates novel technological concepts such as NFT and AS-DEFI, which enable players to earn money through production and trading within the game. Underlying assets are the most fundamental means of production in an economic system. When the value of production is distributed among various individuals, it has the potential to stimulate social vitality and development. This economic model is the simplest. We introduced two new assets, land (NFT) and MMG tokens, in Modernizing Prak.
MMG simulates real-world economic operating rules and classifies land as residential, commercial, or industrial. Due to the unique characteristics of different lands, their scarcity and acquisition difficulty also vary. When an item is hyped to a high value in traditional games, the platform can replicate it indefinitely and sell it to players for revenue. Land is a finite resource that cannot be expanded indefinitely. MMG will mint the land into 100,000 NFT in proportion to the city’s size. Non-fungibility ensures that each piece of land is unique. This ensures adequate liquidity and value storage.

Token Economics
MMG’s issuance and purpose
All of the MMG is given out. In order to build a sustainable platform, MMG will be used exclusively for witness block rewards and incentives for eco-platform developers, as well as for DAPP promotion activities, project management and promotion, ecological partners and eco-investment, research and legal compliance, among other things.
Those who participate in the MMG consensus process will receive a portion of this token as a reward, or it can be given to users as a free gift or traded for other digital assets.

1. The initial issuance of 1 billion dollars
100 million of them will be used for airdrops. Tokens for a public offering aren’t meant to be sold. During the initial public offering, 50 million tokens will be available for purchase. 850 million dollars are needed for market liquidity. After five months of unlocking 20% each month,
2. Stake mining can be used to obtain MMG2 tokens. NFTs can be won through stake mining. As a result of MMG’s complete ecosystem, all NFTs in MMG can be found within it.
The MMG2 token is a type of stake mining token. NFT and Metaverse games are the only way to get MMG2 in the early stages. Stake mining alone will provide 9 million of the 10 million MMG2 tokens to be issued. One million can be found in eco-friendly endeavors, as well. The base price of MMG2 is set in stone.
As MMG2 production increases, the fund pool will expand as well. MMG is a governance token that enables holders to participate in the platform’s governance decisions through the DAO structure. They have the ability to vote on important issues, such as the foundation’s authorization of content and game creators and the priority of functions on the platform’s road map, if they choose to do so.

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