IKONIC is The First Esports Marketplace In The World That Accepts NFTs.

5 min readJun 1, 2022

Hi everybody
Let me introduce you to IKONIC. The first esports marketplace for non-exchangeable tokens anywhere in the world. When an esports player kills the last dragon, takes first place in a major competition, or completes a round with chattering teeth, they have accomplished something “special”. It’s possible that they’ll be able to monetize whatever they post on Reddit, be it a “jank meme” or a video clip of their iconic killstreak. And with IKONIC, they have the ability to do the following: Sell their creations in our industry’s first esports marketplace; Become a streamer and earn money by providing additional services to their viewers; Or earn tokens by competing in sponsored challenges while participating in iKONIC community matches.

Welcome to IKONIC.
The very first video gaming marketplace to be driven by blockchain technology anywhere in the world. By providing gamers and fans of esports with the opportunity to earn money from their own creative endeavors, IKONIC hopes to usher in a new era for those communities. IKONIC’s goal is to foster a new generation of esports fans who are able to fully claim ownership over their most memorable experiences by fusing the power of blockchain technology with the sophistication of modern software tools. The market for esports is expanding at a rate that is comparable to exponential growth. It would appear that each year, it becomes larger and better, and it is getting closer and closer to breaking the one billion dollar milestone. Cheating, match-fixing, and unauthorized streaming of gaming content are just some of the issues that have arisen as a result of the recent boom in the esports business. IKONIC, an innovative marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT), is providing a solution to these issues by making brand-new technologies available to players so they can exchange content on their own terms.

One of the most advanced NFT marketplaces for e-sports games.
You’ll find the best plays from your friends and up-and-comers. Keep track of your favorite players and tournaments by archiving them. For a chance to be featured, submit your clips. IKONIC has a long-term Vision. After a few months of hard work, the team is finally ready to share their plans with their supporters. Because IKONIC was built by gamers for gamers, this NFT marketplace was built for gamers. So close to our goals that IKONIC can confidently say that IKONIC will launch in Q2 of 2022. The launch will be IKONIC , but IKONIC didn’t just build a shell with no thought for gamers in mind. Gamers on the IKONIC platform will be able to earn rewards by completing quests and tasks. There should be IKONIC leaderboards to see who’s the best of the best, right? IKONIC have no doubt that you will be pleased with what IKONIC have planned for you in the near future.







Goals of IKONIC:

-Creation of a platform with a unique business model that will work in new, exciting, innovative gaming titles.

-The platform will work in the new metaverses of indie blockchain games and will allow ordinary gamers to earn money.

-Implements a marketplace for all gaming assets that will empower gaming ecosystems.

Features of IKONIC NFT Marketplace
IKONIC are the first NFT marketplace in the world for both gamers, and esports fans. IKONIC know that it can be difficult to find projects in the NFT industry that have a clear use case — and truly offer sustainable potential. That is why IKONIC are also introducing the IKONIC token. The IKONIC token will be your key to unlocking private features on the platform.

IKONIC will make NFTs accessible to everyone; our user interface will be simple and free of the complexities that come with most platforms. IKONIC NFT marketplace will make it easier for fans to discover fantastic moments, and for players to easily navigate within the marketplace.

IKONIC believe users should be able to create NFTs with only a few clicks. Complications create frustration and destroy creativity. IKONIC NFT marketplace will offer a unique experience to its users. IKONIC intuitive design is built on top of a decentralized marketplace; for IKONIC , art and the artist’s experience are most important. Players and fans will own the moment with little to no hassle. IKONIC have a lively and secure marketplace for gamers, and esports fans to enjoy.

IKONIC aim to be a one-stop hub for gamers. A marketplace where pro players can earn and connect with their community, where fans can access exclusive events and in-game airdrops, and a gateway for gamers who wants to connect with developers. IKONIC will be the one platform for all.

Soon, IKONIC NFT marketplace will be fully functional, and IKONIC look forward to announcing partnerships with competitive esports players, investors, advisors, and the influencers that drive this exhilarating industry. IKONIC cannot wait to show what IKONIC have been working on.

IKONIC has accomplished so much already, but IKONIC want to be better. As you can see, IKONIC will integrate our video editing software for state-of-the-art NFT creation very soon. IKONIC NFT Transaction & Performance Analytics will allow every user to analyze data much more effectively — and efficiently. IKONIC will also reveal IKONIC Indie Game Launchpad for NFT Games very soon. IKONIC are here to revolutionize the esports and NFT industry.


Your NFTs will earn you royalties.

Create NFTs for fans and get rewarded!

Exclusive privileges and discounts await those who put their money where their mouth is.

Get access to well-known NFT bundles.

IKONIC Tokenomics

Users can earn IKONIC tokens by completing tasks on the platform, and these tokens will also grant them access to platform features.

Token Name: IKONIC

Total Supply: 1,500,000,000

Hard Cap: $4,500,000

Seed Sale: $500,000

Strategic Sale: $950,000

Private Sale: $1,800,000

Public Sale: $1,250,000

Initial Market Cap: $878,000

Initial Circulating Supply: $43,903,361

Total Diluted Market Cap: $30,000,000


More Info

Website: https://www.ikonic.gg/

Whitepaper: https://globaluploads.webflow.com/615f264a1577bed3445ca158/623dbd2495e2c49f8aef3444_LitePaperIkonic.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/official_ikonic

Telegram: https://t.me/ikonic_moment

Discord: https://discord.gg/FPckz79SUy

Medium: https://medium.com/ikonic-hq

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgq5Ws23RjNuUNc-Sth_gCQ


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