FreeCity- A User Aggregation Platform For Web3 Marketers

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Today, centralized platforms control what users see and how they experience services. How does a user really know who is on the other end of their interactions? Interactions are defined as such because users interact with the interface seamlessly bringing them closer to their destination of choice. However, in centralized systems, everything is controlled by a centralized entity who benefits from gathering ever more data about their users.

FreeCity offers a unique platform for marketers to reach their customers and reward them for interacting with their content. The platform leverages the proof of Interaction protocol which allows users to prove that they have interacted with a company’s content and helps the company identify their users.

With the hype of Web 3 capturing the attention of crypto enthusiast, and NFTs, SocialFi, GameFi and DeFi providing an alternative source of income and investment, the space is experiencing an unprecedented surge in global awareness & adoption. Yet only a small fraction of the world has adopted to this new space.

This widespread interest in the capabilities of blockchain has necessitated deliberate promotion by corporate users, not just Web 3 projects, but also traditional players, to ensure that NFTs are visible.It appears that identifying and retaining devoted users is a difficult undertaking for both players.

FreeCity is a web3 user aggregation platform built on the foundation of proof of interaction to help identify users for marketing and business intelligence utilizing smart contract technology. FreeCity web3 powered User Aggregation Platform FreeCity helps marketers in their two main pain points — Metering and Identifying users. FreeCit ydo this by providing them the opportunity to set up their own micro marketing campaigns and help them reward the users who interact with the most value. This way, FreeCity customers will be better prepared to deal with users going forward.

The FreeCity Vision
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) aims to become the Web 3.0 user-aggregation layer. User-generated content and an easy onboarding procedure will be key components of Free City Web 3’s strategy for reaching full user integration.
Because of its user-generated content capabilities and zero-friction onboarding approach, FCC offers Web 3 protocols, communities, and businesses a unique value proposition. This is the first time that the FCC will be using the proof-of-interaction approach.
Using the $FCC token to accomplish mutually beneficial aims is made possible by the proof of interaction method. Users and communities may be provided to the FCC platform in return for the FCC token, which serves as a marketplace for native Web 3 activities.
At some point in the future, the $FCC community hopes to become a sufficiently decentralized DAO, which will give the most optimal point of mutual benefit.

The First NFT Collection for $FCC holders and a Scalable Multi-Chain NFT marketplace created on the Binance Smart Chain will be powered by $FCC, and these items will be referred to as “cross-metaverse.”
FreeCity Citizens and the game creators will be able to participate, curate, and ultimately direct the development of FreeCity and how the $FCC token may be used first as a location to sell, collect, and display their NFTs.
Participation in the FreeCity community may result in rewards such as $FCC and more, NFTs designed to increase play2earn returns, and NFT-backed assets from potential future partners as the project grows.
As a result of this widespread interest in blockchain technology, a borderless frontier has been developed around community engagement and cooperation. Additionally, FreeCity will have a special role to play. It is now possible to construct an even more lively community, DAO-governed ecosystem, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, and an eventual future game + web3 with the help of our active community.

Products & Use Cases

Free City ’s NFT marketplace is designed to be a hub for a comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ and cross-chain solution & decentralized ecosystem that will scale across multiple metaverses, play to earn and web 3.0 environments. Users will be allocated an FCC ID and rewarded for their interactions within the Free City (Proof of Interaction). In addition to third-party partners and external integration, Free City can develop and deploy $FCC GameFi / play to obtain NFT and gaming environments and the ultimate goal of FreeCity decentralized web3 environment. With business development around the use cases and product releases mentioned above, a dedicated team will lead marketing and market adoption.Future developments in Free City could include the development of various NFT GameFi, with $FCC as earned currency. Web3 finally for Free City is also the goal of the future.


Name : FreeCity

Tokens : $FCC

Max Supply: 10 billion

NFT Airdrop Sales — 1.00%

Initial Support Sales — 15,00%

Growth Support Sales — 8.00%

Public Sales — 5.00%

Community Reserves — 20.00%

Development & Marketing — 10.00%

Treasury & Ecosystem Liquidity — 25.00%

Founding Team — 13.00%

Event Advisors & Partners — 3.00%


Looking forward, the Web3 marketer creates a platform in which users can join and be validated by posting specific verifiable information and social media due diligence when they do so, without having to rely on costly third party data. This way, the quality of information on a DApp stack is governed by the user’s desire for value in return for the validation. Using FreeCity will mean that these new Blockchain services need to not only be accountable for what happens inside their service, but also maintain a reputation of honesty on an open signalling network.

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