Bridgeswap — Bridging the Gap to Web 3.0

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All user transactions take place automatically and directly between users on a decentralized exchange, also known as a DEX. This type of exchange does not depend on third parties to keep its users’ money (peer network). In other words, a decentralized exchange, or DEX, grants users full control over their assets and transactions, removing the need for middlemen and so decreasing the risk of fraud, hacking, and other security-related issues. In addition, it is extremely challenging to levy taxes or exercise control over the funds that are generated by a decentralized exchange. You’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast and wonder of wonders, you’ve been offered an opportunity to participate in a new project to help build a bridge — the bridge — which will connect traditional finance (seebanks, stock markets, fiat currency) to what you believe is the future of finance: Web 3.0.

About Bridgeswap
Bridgeswap is a decentralized exchange that allows you to exchange crypto tokens instantly, provides liquidity and stakes rewards in the form of proceeds.

Bridge Exchange Destination
Bridgeswap Destinations bridges Defi on Web 3.0 from traditional finance in a decentralized way to create a fair global economy that is sustainable, accessible, and a community-driven DAO. To achieve this, Bridgeswap has introduced four innovative products which include:

Bridge swap trading

Bridge swap farm

Bridge swap pool

Bridgeswap Defi 2.0 zap

and Bridgeswap lottery

What Mission & Vision of BridgeSwap?

BridgeSwap mission is to provide a decentralized financial opportunity globally through support, security, and transparency and the Vision is to bridge Defi on Web 3.0 from traditional finance in a decentralized manner to create a fair global economy that is sustainable, accessible, and community-driven DAO.

Why Mush Invest in BridgeSwap?

As the world is anticipating global economic growth, governments and businesses are trying to find ways to deal with cryptocurrencies You’ll be empowered to earn your own money, retire early, and build the life you want for yourself and your family.

BridgeSwap is a platform created to encourage and stimulate the adoption and development of blockchain technologies, and digital assets and build a strong, globally accessible digital economy without barriers or intermediaries.

What are Bridgeswap Key Products?

The main goal of the project is to demonstrate how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can be used globally as a new financial paradigm.

Let’s take a look at how blockchain actually works and what are the upcoming market segments of the blockchain with Bridgeswap future. Bridgeswap will have five main products at launch.

Bridgeswap Trade.

Bridgeswap Farms.

Bridgeswap Pools.

Bridgeswap Defi 2.0 Zap.

Bridgeswap Referral.

Bridgeswap Lottery.

Most Defi protocols struggle to obtain sufficient liquidity for their protocol operations. So there is a constant battle between various Defi protocols for liquidity for services like yield farming, staking, lending, etc. The Defi protocol relies on the liquidity of their protocol users for their operations. They rent liquidity for their operations and have no liquidity. This comes with many challenges.

BridgeSwap solution to this problem is zap Defi 2.0. This new and unique system allows liquidity providers to exchange their liquidity pools for discounted Bris tokens. Bridegswap derives its liquidity from this system and does not rely solely on liquidity providers for our liquidity pool. The liquidity obtained from Defi 2.0 zap is stored in a designated wallet as a reserve.

BridgeSwap can fall on this liquidity when needed. This accumulation of liquidity ensures longevity of liquidity, thus avoiding the liquidity problems that most Defi protocols face in the long run.

Token Information

Token Name : BridgeSwap

Token Symbol : BRIS

Chain : BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

Initial Supply : 2,200,000

Earn $BRIS tokens from Farms and Pools, win in the lottery or buy on an exchange, then explore the Use Cases:

Bet in Pools to get free crypto tokens.

Use it in Yield Farms to get more BRIS.

Buy Lottery tickets at The BridgeSwap Lottery.

Vote on proposals related to BRIS DAO Governance.


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